Consult Leading Oncologist

Dr. Fahad Afzal

DNB (Medical Oncology), DNB (General Medicine),
ESMO certified, SCE (Oncology, UK)

DNB (Medical Oncology),
DNB (General Medicine),
ESMO certified,
SCE (Oncology, UK)

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    What Is Palliative Care Treatment?

    Cancer and its treatment are known to have physical, emotional, financial and social impacts on the patient. Treatment of these side effects is known as palliative or supportive care.

    There are cancer treatments to slow, stop or cure cancer and palliative care is an essential addition to the treatment plan. Sometimes, cancer survivors who have new symptoms after the completion of treatment are suggested palliative care.

    According to research, it is seen that palliative care enables the patient to feel satisfied with the treatment and live a better life. Therefore, you can start palliative care immediately after being diagnosed with cancer and continue throughout the treatment duration.

    Why Is It Done?

    You can receive palliative care any time, from the diagnosis to the end of the treatment. Do not wait for the disease to advance or wait till you are in the final months of your life to receive palliative care. On the contrary, the sooner, the better. Once you begin the treatment of the illness, you can suffer from anxiety, fatigue and depression. The team that delivers palliative care understands the situation and helps you and your family cope with the circumstances.

    You can ask your doctor for palliative care referrals. Mostly, palliative care is given in a hospital; however, if required, it can be delivered at your home or long-term care centre.

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    Meet Our Doctor

    DNB (Medical Oncology), DNB (General Medicine), ESMO certified, SCE (Oncology, UK)

    Dr. Fahad Afzal

    After specialising in Internal Medicine from Mumbai, Dr. Fahad Afzal underwent formal super-specialty DNB training in Medical Oncology from Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad, which is one of the largest corporate Hospital groups in South India. He has been a licensed practitioner for 12 years, with seven years of experience as a medical oncologist. Dr. Fahad is presently Consultant Medical Oncologist at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre in Mumbai, which is one of the oldest and highly reputed tertiary care multi super-speciality hospitals of India.

    Dr. Fahad Afzal has been certified by European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) and received SCE in Medical Oncology from the prestigious Royal College of Physicians (RCP), UK. He was part of ESMO Academy at Oxford, UK in 2018 and ESMO Preceptorship on Breast Cancer at Singapore in 2019. He is member of several reputed national & international societies such as European Society for Medical Oncology, Indian Society of Medical and Pediatric Oncology, Immuno Oncology Society of India, Association of Physicians of India, etc. These certifications and memberships have provided him with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of oncology. Along with these accolades, he has a keen interest in clinical research.

    Patients suffering from cancer of the lung, prostate, breast, colon, ovary, etc. have high regard for Dr. Fahad Afzal because of his expertise and proficiency in medical management of cancer. He is well-versed in treating his patients with chemotherapy, monoclonal antibodies, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, hormonal therapy, etc. Moreover, he also has vast experience in Autologous and Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant for treating patients with malignant as well as benign hematological disorders.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Palliative care in Navi Mumbai is treatment wherein complete care is provided to patients suffering from devitalizing illnesses. It is not limited to patients whose disease has reached an advanced stage. It begins when the condition is first diagnosed, and it continues throughout the tenure of the treatment. During the treatment process, it works in combination with curative therapies. When the medical condition reaches a stage where the patient hasn't found relief with any possible treatment routes, palliative care may be considered mainstream. The scope of palliative care extends beyond the patient's health and involves maintaining the patient's mental health and spiritual welfare. In the case of a patient with cancer, palliative care in Navi Mumbai starts with the diagnosis irrespective of the stage and severity of the disease. Only the level of measures to facilitate cure varies with the stage and advancement of the disease. If the patient is suffering from chronic diseases and terminal illnesses where a recovery treatment is not possible, palliative care for cancer patients in Navi Mumbai is the best way to tend to and relieve the patient's misery. Palliative care means to stop all curative and painful procedures, including ventilator management, ICU, intubation, painful procedures, etc. and relieve the patient's symptoms solely by medication and counselling, thereby minimizing the patient's stress. Proper social, mental, and spiritual support helps boost the patient's morale and enhances the quality of life.

    Suppose you are looking for someone who can provide your loved ones with excellent care and treatment when they are suffering from a life-threatening illness like cancer. In that case, you may consider looking for palliative care centres in Navi Mumbai. You may contact Dr. Fahad Afzal as his staff holds expertise in providing terminally ill patients with palliative care in Navi Mumbai.

    Hospice care in Navi Mumbai offers complete supportive care to patients who have exhausted their modes of treatment and cure, may not survive for an extended period of time, and can't stay at home to be taken care of. The hospice in Navi Mumbai offers this care in setups that feel like home, where family members and friends can meet or visit them easily without any restrictions. Hospice care is usually financed by charities and run by volunteers. Apart from this, professional healthcare providers, nurses, caregivers, physicians, counsellors, etc., also are a part of the hospice care team.

    Simply put, hospice care in Navi Mumbai is vital in providing patients and their families quality time together where they can be together with happiness, love, peace and comfort. Hospice paves the way to leave the medical highway and get onto a scenic route with more energy and time to enjoy the journey rather than anticipating the end. Hospice care acknowledges that the end destination may be the same but ensures that the path of reaching the end destination is peaceful and full of love. Hospice focuses on boosting the patient's morale and ensuring that they do not give up but rather face all obstacles on the way with their head held high. Hospice provides effective and aggressive treatment for aches, symptoms while making sure to help with emotional and spiritual distress and practical problems, so patients can resume going back to leading a normal life and regain mental health, peace, independence and quality of life throughout the time that they have.

    If you or your near and dear one is going through a terminal medical condition, you may go for a hospice in Navi Mumbai. FOr the best treatment, you may contact Dr. Fahad Afzal.

    Palliative care centres in Navi Mumbai focus on the field of medication that helps give better days by providing care that helps improve quality of life. It includes treating symptoms like vomiting, insomnia, restlessness and pain. It also helps friends and family to understand the illness better, communicate better about feelings, make educated decisions on the choice of treatments, etc. Hospice care is similar to palliative care, but it's a notch higher aimed at those individuals whose survival chances are slim to none.

    Palliative care can be opted at any stage of the treatment, regardless of its severity. While in hospice care, it can be opted once the primary healthcare provider confirms that the patient may not survive for long. Palliative care can be provided at the centre where the patient is being treated for an illness. On the other hand, hospice care is done at the comfort of the patient's home to ensure providing the best of comfort and peace. It may also be undertaken at a nursing home, care centre, old age home, retirement centre, hospitals, etc. Many doctors and nurses specialize in palliative care, although it can even be provided by your own family and friends alongside them. Many other individuals may help the patient, like social workers, counsellors, therapists, nutritionists, etc. In hospitals, hospice centres, and other dedicated hospice facilities, care is provided by professional healthcare providers like doctors, nurses, therapists, etc. Within the home of the patient, members of the family and close friends can be the caregivers. However, it needs to be done in consultation with professionals in the medical field. 

    Are you looking for palliative care centers in Navi Mumbai? Then, you may benefit from connecting with Dr. Fahad Afzal, well known across Navi Mumbai to offer the best treatment.

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    Dr. Fahad Afzal has done MBBS, DNB in General Medicine and DNB in Medical Oncology. He has been in clinical practice for more than 12 years with seven years of experience in medical oncology. He is presently Consultant Medical Oncologist at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre in Mumbai.

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